Friday, December 04, 2009

American Art Show now open in Russia

The Art show with work from artists in Western NY and my photographs is now open at the University of Moscow.
The students of Nail Vagapov created a variety of posters for the show. Many of them are on my blog now.
I will also add pictures from the reception as soon as they are available. I spoke with Nail over Skype and he said his students and the community have been very excited to see the art from the United States.
Nail Vagapov and Sylvia Kleindinst have been friends now for twenty years and this is the third art exchange during this time.
This show was planned to showcase work by artists from Western New York and help promote our area.
Sylvia selected art by photographers and painters in addition to her own photographs. She received some donations and purchased work to send for the show.
There are several works from artists in the Evans Art Guild---Jean Pauly Johnson, Paul Von Buhr, Connie Rose and Barbara Craig.
There are watercolors from Mary Jane Luce of the Impact Artists' Gallery.
Photographs by James Hoggard,Valerie Fahey,Sylvia Kleindinst and several others.
Drawings and prints by Luke Buck, Mika and a few others that were purchased at shows this summer.
Two collages from Gerald Mead and Shirley Ende Saxe.
The theme of the show was to showcase views of Western New York and Buffalo.