Thursday, January 22, 2015

I am working on several things these days. I am doing sketches of clothes from movie musicals. I watched some old films on U Tube and most remember a dress from "Call Me Madame" worn by Vera-Ellen. I will try to do that dress to sent to the next issue of "Paper Doll Studio News"...
   I am also planning to start the wearable art outfit for Susan to wear and have now purchased several patterns of 1950's dresses to use as a base, but will add my own ideas with lots of ribbon. Of course, I could go off in a different direction all together if I wanted to try something with old clothes stiched together in a new way or parts of old clothing put together. I saw a dress today in black and white that is getting me to think in some different ways.
   I am also doing a five day challenge on Facebook with my art. I am using some things I have done in the past and just put on some of my stuffed dolls today. They are creating a buzz already!! Guess I should start doing more of them to sell!