Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Summer Trip to Kansas and Nebraska
Valerie and I went out to visit with cousins in Nebraska and reconnect with the places and people from our family. It was a wonderful time together.  We also visited in Red Cloud to see the home of Willa Cather and the museum. We listened to an audio book of--"song of the Lark" on the way home. We also visited Lucas,KS. The town is pictured in the old photographs on this page. We saw "The Garden of Eden and the Grass Roots Museum. I gave a cloth book with pictures of the Browns and the Wards from the area back in 1923.  It was great to finally see this place I have adopted because of this old album.  I will add pictures here of our trip.

These photos are from Hubbell,NE. My Grandparents, Emily and Milo Smith lived here. Also I read a book about "A Piece of Kansas Soil" with several chapters on a blacksmith in town named Harry and his shop is still there!  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for my Grandparent's house. It has fallen in and no longer recognizable.  We did visit the cemetary to pay our respects to our Grandparents that is up on a hill above the town.